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It is a text editor to serve the needs of software developers and normal users

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ConTEXT is a powerful text editor to serve the needs of software developers and normal users. It has many features, which makes it better than other editors in its group. It is supported on Windows family operating systems. It supports many programming languages. All common programming languages like C, C++, Java, Visual Basic and even x86 assembler program are supported by this editor. To serve the needs of web developers it supports HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Perl and SQL. It has a color coding scheme for all these languages which make it easy to find out errors in programs.
An easy to use interface helps users to get everything they want. All the options and features are well defined and arranged in the menu bar to make your work easier. User can change the language preference anytime from the dropdown menu of the main window. All programs written in this editor are ready to execute and users can change the environment variable to compile them directly, if they have a compiler installed on their machines. All written codes can be printed directly from the in-built print feature of this editor. User can also change and set different color scheme for every language.

Manoj Goel
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  • Supports all common languages
  • Different color schemes for different languages
  • Color scheme and environment variables can be set by the user
  • Supports user defined commands


  • No in-built compiler for languages
  • Not all library functions are highlighted with a color scheme
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